Sugar Cane Charcoal

A simple alternative that is creating a powerful impact on the economy and the health of those in developing countries.

Problem: Wood charcoal is the primary source of cooking fuel which contributes to severe deforestation and environmental degradation, and now, more than 90% of Haiti is now deforested. Many children die of respiratory infections from breathing indoor cooking fumes.

Solution: Sugarcane charcoal briquettes burn as well as a wood charcoal, which means that the need for deforestation is greatly reduced. The respiratory infections would greatly reduce when the sugar cane charcoal is substituted in for the wood charcoal. Because sugar cane is an abundant cash crop in Haiti, it allows for the charcoal briquettes to be made at very affordable costs. The manufacturing and production of the sugar cane into charcoal would produce jobs locally and an economy based on alternative energy. And because of the byproduct of the sugar cane, it makes the sugar cane charcoal recyclable.


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